Travel to Norway and Sweden

Travel to Norway and Sweden


All dogs entering Norway or Sweden must have valid ID-chip identification and a valid pet passport. For dogs entering from countries other than Sweden or Norway, rabies vaccination is mandatory. The basic vaccination must be done at least three weeks before crossing the border, and the vaccination can not be given before the age of 12 weeks.

For Norway these further restrictions apply:

  • The dog must be treated for echinococcus at least 24 hours before crossing the border to Norway. There are two different treatment options:
  • Recommended treatment for foreign dogs is a one time treatment. It must be done outside of Norway at least 24 hours and no more than 120 hours before the dog crosses the border. The other option is a double treatment, which mostly will apply to Norwegian owned dogs and is valid for 28 days. Your vet will be able to help you with further information.

All vaccinations must be documented in the pet passport.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has further information on their pages.

Svenska Jordbruksverket has complete information on the current swedish rules.


Sweden and Norway are both part of the Schengen-cooperation. As such, there is no passport control when arriving from another Schengen-country. We do recommend that foreign visitors bring their passports anyway.

For visitors from countries outside of Schengen, regular passport controls apply.

Norway and Sweden has visafreedom for countries within the EU/EEA, while citizens of other countries may need a visa.

UDIs pages  has complete information on regulations for entering Norway.
Migrationsverket has complete information on visiting Sweden.