Dr. Lynn M. Simon M.D.

Dr. Lynn M. Simon M.D.

“Enamored with Irish Wolfhounds since the age of nine, my first hound came from Keystone Kennels in 1976, followed by three from Meadowbrook and Killybracken.

I visited the UK in 1979, visiting the kennels of Sulhamstead, Brabyns, Solstrand, Outhwaite, Eaglescrag, Bokra, Petasmeade, Edeyrn, Witchesbroom and Seplecur. Gordon Crane, Mrs. Nagle and Joel Samaha were my mentors.

My foundation stock was carefully chosen from Meadowbrook, Sulhamstead, Witchesbroom and Seplecur. My first litter was born in 1981.

I co-founded two kennels: Stoneybrook, which from 1976 to 2001 had 31 champions in several countries; and Rockhart, with 14. My hounds have won three IWCA national specialities, three IWCC national specialities, and many regional specialities in both countries, and 16 Best of Breeds at Locust Grove shows.

I have exported/imported dogs to the UK, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. My hounds, owned by Shelley Hood, have been top IW in ASFA and LGRA multiple years. At one time, I had seven specialty winning ounds in my kennel with three living here currently.

Since 1992, I have judged specialities in Canada, including the national speciality, and in the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland, plus regional specialities in the US. I am honored and humbled to participate in Norway and Sweden national specialities in July 2018.

I am a 40-year member of the IWCA, and IWCC member, and Northstar. I cofounded The Midwest Irish Wolfhound Association, which sponsored matches for 17 years, including conformation, coursing and educational events. I am an IWCA judge’s mentor and presenter.

My hounds are known for their type, soundness of temperament/gait and strength.”